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Application Process

The Camden County School System is accepting on-line applications for all certified and non-certified postions. All applications will remain in active status for two years.

* To view a current list of job vacancies - click on Browse Jobs.
* To view potential openings - click on Future Openings

1. Complete the registration information. (Be sure to note your user ID and password; our office does not have access to this information.)

2. Click the icon for the certified application for teacher or administrative positions.

3. Click the icon for the classified application for support staff positions, such as paraprofessional, secretary/clerical, bus driver, maintenance, custodian, food service, extended daycare worker, etc.

* The data collected in the application is saved as it is entered. If necessary, you may end your session prior to completion of the application then log on later to finish the process.

4. You can apply for current vacancies and/or future openings by clicking on the word 'NO' by the position title. It will then change to 'Yes', which means you have officially applied.

A) Print out three Reference Forms and send them to former employers, college professors, etc.

B) Attach copies of all teaching credentials including certificate, content assessment scores, and college transcripts.

The Camden County School System makes all employment decisions without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or disability.

View the Personnel and Professional Learning Department webpage